Utility ESS Solution

Product Description

Relying on the advanced Lithium-ion Iron-Phosphate battery technology, BYD can provide large-scale energy storage systems, distributed energy storage systems and micro-grid systems. Based on these systems, BYD can provide a complete power solution realizing power output smoothing, peaking shaving, frequency regulation, transient active power responding and transient voltage supporting, to keep the power system running safely, stalely and reliably. These solutions can be used for frequency regulation, voltage compensation transition deferral and power quality management in the power system.


BYD mainly provides two kinds of indoor/outdoor solutions for on-grid, off-grid and hybrid use. BYD energy storage systems can be fit for various needs based on its flexible and modular design.

Energy Storage Solutions

ESS Applications

  • New-energy generation:
    • Effectively smoothen the power output to decrease the impact to the grid
    • Generate according to the plan and correct forecast errors
    • Reduce the peak and fill the valley
    • Grid frequency modulation with AVC and AGC functions
  • Electricity of transmission and distribution
  • Smart Grid
  • Micro-grid
  • Reduce the peak and fill the valley
  • Special type needs:
  • Military Base, smelter, chemical plant, paper mill, airport, wharf and others.

Features of BMS

  • Wide-range of DC input voltage
  • 10% additional power for continuous operation at ambient temperature up to 40°C
  • Short conversion time of full power from charge to discharge
  • Indoor or outdoor installation
  • Low voltage ride through
  • Reactive power adjustable, max. reactive power up to 500kVar
  • Active Power derating
  • Film capacitor design

Features of PCS

  • Battery Status Monitoring
  • Events record and storage function
  • Operation control
  • Insulation detection
  • Dynamic balancing management
  • Protection alarms
  • Communication

Monitoring System

  • Controlling PCS and Battery stacks to work together
  • Providing local monitoring and control operation interface
  • Providing remote monitoring and control operation interface
  • Recording and storing important operation parameters as accidents and failure data

Fire Protection System

  • Automatic fire detecting
  • Manual/automatic fire alarming
  • Control room and local fire alarm device
  • Fault alarm for fire detecting and alarming system
  • The accumulator is placed in the fire alarming controller. When the main power is off, the accumulator will supply the power to the automatic fire alarming system
  • The monitoring function for the open circuit and short circuit in detecting circuit
  • The monitoring function for the open circuit and short circuit in alarming circuit

Air Conditioning System

  • Power-off memory and Reboot
  • Remote fault identification and alarm, and report the fault through RS485
  • Use the fuzzy intelligence control for remote communication
  • Have the cooling, heating, constant temperature and dehumidifying mode
  • Heating control
  • Temperature control
  • Operation without failure continuous more than 2500hours, long life, good working performance in harsh environment

Battery System

  • Long service life
  • High power and high efficiency output
  • Low cost and fully automatic manufacture process
  • High safety

BYD Battery Safety and Performance

  PCS Power Battery Capacity Size


250kW 1MWh 40ft Container


500kW 1MWh


1MW 1MWh


1.8MW 800kWh
Utility Layout

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