Product Description

  • The BYD B-Box Energy Storage System utilizes the BYD Iron Phosphate battery in a modular design that allows the flexibility to use up to four battery modules in a single rack.

    The B-Box is able to meet the requirements of different storage systems by increasing the capacity through parallel connection of battery rack.

Product Features

  • Flexible capacity configuration
  • Support system parallel connection
  • Support RS485 or CAN communication · Modular design
  • Easy to Install
  • Emergency stop function
BBox Open

BYD B-Box Specifications

B-Box 2.5 B-Box 5.0 B-Box 7.5 B-Box 10.0
Battery TypeIron phosphate battery
Battery moduleB-plus2.5*1PCSB-plus2.5*2PCSB-plus2.5*3PCSB-plus2.5*4PCS
Rated battery energy (0.2C charge&discharge at @+25°C)2.5 Kwh5 Kwh7.5 Kwh10 Kwh
Output powerMax 2.5 KwMax 5 KwMax 7.5 KwMax 10Kw
Usable battery energy2.3Kwh4.5Kwh6.8Kwh9 kwh
Nominal voltage
Battery combine NoB-plus2.5*1PCSB-plus2.5*2PCSB-plus2.5*3PCSB-plus2.5*4PCS
Energy efficiency>97%
BMS with EqualizationYes
Working voltage44.8V-57.6V
Dimension of cabinetWidth 600* depth 600* mm height 1108 (with wheels)
Net Weight of B-BOX88Kg126Kg164Kg202Kg
Dimension of B-plus 2.5Width 482.6* depth 489.5* mm *height 130mm
Net Weight of B-plus 2.538Kg
Battery Cycle life6000[100%DOD,+20°C,80% Capacity left]
Operating temperature0°C~+55°C
Storage temperature-20°C~55°C
TransportUN3480 & UN38.3
Storage duration12 months@+25°C; 6 months@+35°C; 3 months@+45°C
EMC standard complianceEN 61000 chapter 4.2,4.3,4.5,4.6/EN55022
Safety standard complianceUL1642 for cell; CE and TUV(JP) for battery modulE
IP levelIP20
MaintenanceCharge the battery half a year when storage or inactive status
ScalabilityUp to 40Kwh

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