Solar Tracking System

It makes the PV power generation more stable, and matches the electricity loading time exactly. More 29% efficiency and more 4 hours power generation time than the fixed system.


  • High reliable EV-class motor and control system
  • Unique permanent magnet motor technology, lower power consumption
  • Ultra-long service life
  • One motor drives 280kw modules

Tracking Type

Single tracking system

Tracking angle

Azimuth(α): -45° to 45°, or -60° to 60°(depends on customer)
Fixed Tilt(β)(based on the Local Latitude)

Unique Design

One Button Start Mode for Wind Mechanical Emergency.
The Unique Design of Sand Resistance.
Special design for the joint of rotation axis.
Flexible Angle Tolerance of the Racking Design.

Safe & Reliable

High Reliable EV-class Motor and Control System.
Backup Power System for Preventing Damage to the Solar Module.

Remote Monitoring & Control System

Over the Internet or GSM/GPRS to monitor the working of tracking and modules.

Strictly Quality Control

The selection of raw materials and production process are in strict quality control, so that the system has strength structure.
Since the system has a simple structure it requires almost no maintenance and could bring a high return on investment.