Is not only the fruit of a sudden inspiration, but also the loneliness of exploring the unknown.

We've not only ignited the spark of inspiration, but also kept moving forward for further exploration. With unstoppable passion for technology, we've taken the unknown challenges again and again. We've invested heavily in establishing the Central Research Institute, Electronics Research Institute, Automotive Engineering Research Institute and the Electric Power Research Institute. Sophisticated technology teams have been in place for development of hardware, software and testing programs. BYD's successfully built a unique technology R&D platform of international level thanks to its gradually accumulated experience on developing various products and relevant data. From improving driving power to altering it, from energy saving to energy innovation, BYD has made it - all things that people didn't even think about ever. Furthermore, we've proved that TECHNOLOGY can change our life and ultimately the whole world. With its innovative spirit and excellent technologies, BYD has been leading China's auto industry into a new era.

Green Hybrid Technology
Green Hybrid
Green Hybrid
BYD Remote-control Driving Technology

Science and technology always drive the world

Forward in silence.

From steam to electricity,

From automotive to airplane or even spaceship,

A new time comes along with the advent of

Every breaking technology.

And now, are you ready for it?

Maybe it derives from the initial unconstrained ideas,

Or perhaps insistent pursuit of technology is credited with it,

Whatever, but eventually

We make the remote-control driving coming true.

And it will surely subvert the traditional definition of a CAR,

Then start a great time of universal remote-control driving.

BYD Bi-directional Charging and Discharging Technology

Have you ever wondered that one single vehicle could be a movable intelligent charging station,

Getting charged by the grid during off-peak hours of electricity consumption

And charging the grid during the high-peak period with Max. charging power of 25KW.Whether the grid is household type of single phase or a large three-phase power system.

It will always work.

DM II Technology


1. Environmental-friendly and energy-saving;

2. No emission when under pure electric mode (Generally speaking, there's no need to start the engine for daily traveling)

Excellent power performance

The electric vehicle's drive system of DM II improves the power and speed of the motor dramatically, with Max. power output 223KW and Max. torque of 440Nm.

Reliable Safety

The DM II dual-mode electric vehicle has got through various rigid tests of safety and destruction, performing very well on capabilities and featuring a long life span.

Convenient Charging

Several optional charging manners are available - use the ordinary household power supply or charging poles in parking lots for example.

Low Cost

The DM II model Qin of BYD, for its hybrid mode, is going to consume 90% electricity and 10% fuel, only 16RMB being consumed per 100km (equivalent to the cost of 2L gasoline).

ET-Power Advantages of Fe Battery

Safety and Stability

1. Passing through a series tests of destruction and safety;

2. Withstanding the most adverse environmental conditions and collisions of extreme conditions;

3. Long cycle life and no need for replacing batteries throughout its whole life.

Low Cost

1. Price of iron is far lower than Cobalt thus the cost of Fe battery far less than Co battery's;

2. Fe battery technology has been mature thus the cost of EV would decrease significantly.

Green and Environmental-friendly

1. No pollution during Fe battery production;

2. Safe and environmental-friendly during the use of Fe battery;

3. Wasted Fe battery can be recycled.

High Level of Manufacturing

1. The advanced process ensures the consistency of battery modules&packs and cells;

2. BYD is a leader of battery industry.

Electric Technology

Electromotion Technology (namely Fe battery)

1. Dominant market share of rechargeable batteries

2. Advanced Fe battery offers balance of safety, performance, and longevity

    -More than 6,000 cycles life(20 years)

    -High energy output and high energy density

    -Good performance in high temperature

    -Excellent consistency

I.  Life Cycle Tests

II. The mileage travelled and power used for Hertz running from Dec 22nd, 2012 to Jan 2nd, 2013

DM Technology

BYD Dual-Mode(DM) Electric Vehicle program has been on agenda since as early as 2003 and now there're 500 automotive engineers focusing on the development of BYD DM EVs. DM electric vehicles adopt advantages from both pure electric drive power system and the hybrid system - an advanced technology integrating electricity generator and motor together, significantly reducing oil wear and vehicle emission, and dramatically improving the performance of drive power and vehicle control. If we name the electric vehicle shortly as "EV", the hybrid vehicle as "HEV", then BYD's DM electric vehicle should be "EV + HEV" and this system will eventually come to be the most advanced and mainstream renewable energy vehicle system instead of the gasoline-electric hybrid system.

Pure Electric Drive Technology

Strong power, long range per charge

Max. Power 90Kw, Max. Torque 450N.m, Max. Speed > 140Km/h. The range could achieve up to 300km per charge under comprehensive work conditions with AC off, and 19.5kwh consumed per 100km - the cost is only a quarter of one fuel vehicle's.

Battery Life

80% of the capacity will remain after 4000 cycles.

Energy-saving and Environmental-friendly

1. Low operation cost: 19.5kwh consumed for 100km and the cost is just one forth of a internal-combustion vehicle's.

2. Green life & zero emission: each e6 will avoid 2.8 tons of CO2 emission every year (when compared with a 1.5L fuel car).

TID Technology

T - Turbo-charged with more power

I - Direct Injection with less oil consumption

DCT - Dual Clutch Transmission with more smoothly shifting and instant startup

VVL - Variable Valve Lift Technology

This technology allows the valve opening time to change and the speed to lift both automatically according to the unique driving status, achieving the optimal timing of air intake & exhausting and increasing the low-speed torque output. It ensures not only high efficiency and environmental protection but also ultra oil saving - only 6.2L per 100km.

EGR - Exhaust Gas Recirculation (EGR) System

EGR system realizes clean emission and dramatic energy saving - the emission reduction could mount up to 30%.

Passive Safety Design

"3H" High-Strength Body

The vehicle body adopts 3H high-strength Omnidirectional energy-absorbing structure, crash beams for 4 doors and the front & rear, overall steel plate for vehicle sides, 20% high-strength steel plate, creating a tridimensional high security fence for the vehicle.

All-directional Safety of 6 Airbags

2 front center SRS airbags, 2 front seat side airbags and 2 SRS curtain airbags for considerate safety assurance.

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