Coupled with small and fast charging points, the e6 can
be fully recharged in around 2 hours.

An all-electric car with a mileage of 300km in a single
charge is undoubtedly amazing. It means you can drive
the car in typical working day without thinking about


  • Front grille
    The distinctive front grille gives the e6 all-electric car a look that’s just a bit different.
  • Alloy wheels
    The e6 comes with stylish seven spoke sports alloy wheels.

  • LED daytime running lights
    The simple LED daytime running lights establish presence during day and night time driving.
  • Exterior rearview mirror
    The outside mirrors are electrically adjustable and manually foldable.



Charging Adapter

Fe Battery


  • Six airbags
    The e6 comes with six airbags: dual front airbags for the driver and passenger plus dual front seat mounted airbags and dual side curtain airbags which offer additional protection against side impacts.
  • Front seatbelt with pretensioner and force limiter
    To further ensure driver and passenger safety, the front seatbelt with pretensioner and force limiter will be activated when a strong impact is detected during a frontal collision. Pretensioners enhance the effect of occupant restraint performance while force limiters mitigate the impact applied to the chest, to achieve excellent occupant restraint performance.


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