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BYD Delivers Important Message at UN Every Woman Every Child High Level Retreat

Picture Above: Stella Li in the EWEC IS ME Campaign

New York, USA -- BYD Company Ltd. was the only new energy vehicle company to be invited to attend the UN Every Woman Every Child High Level Retreat. Stella Li, Senior Vice-President of BYD, delivered an exciting keynote speech at the conference, caught the audience's attention by proposing an enticing new idea– energy solution for a mobile hospital.

"Everyone has dreams. BYD's Green Dream is to harness free and plentiful solar power, store it safely in long lasting energy storage systems, and finally use it in clean, quiet and incredibly efficient electric buses, trucks and cars. Our Green Dream will one day play an important role in cleaning the air for millions of mothers and children. Due to the cost of such advanced technology products, we work hard with cities, states and governments to ensure that underprivileged and low income citizens can also enjoy the benefits of these cutting-edge technologies, not just the wealthy", Stella Li added, "Our idea is to deploy our energy solutions to create mobile hospitals, in a promising model to be incorporated into our Green Dream – BYD's effective energy storage systems can power maternity hospitals and health facilities in remote and impoverished areas, tackle the alarming death toll of women and children during childbirth, as well as prevent infections and complications during pregnancy, and end mother-to-child transmission of diseases like HIV and other diseases like malaria and cholera.

According to data from the Global Strategy for Women's, Children's and Adolescents' Health, 1/8 of worldwide deaths are caused by air pollution related diseases. BYD has a strong stance on this issue. At the beginning of this year, a documentary on air pollution called Under the Dome aroused much public attention. It was directed by a journalist named Chaijing, whose unborn baby girl had developed tumors due to bad air quality. As a company operating in sustainability, BYD strongly feels its role and responsibility are to say NO to air pollution, and fight for cleaner air for everyone, most importantly for women and children."

BYD's social responsibility and bold perspective on how the energy sector can contribute not only to women and children's health, but to humanity as a whole is not new. The company actively contributes to bringing electricity to areas not typically covered by a power grid, as it did in 2010 in Tibet, by donating and installing 1000 sets of home energy systems to a population that had never had access to electrification.

Together with BYD, executives from J&J (Johnson and Johnson), Philips, Acumen Fund and other global health organizations also attended the conference.
The Every Women Every Child Movement was initiated by UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-Moon in September 2010. Over the last 5 years, more than 2.4 million women and children's lives have been saved thanks to its efforts.