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Bright journey to Tibet

BYD Charity Foundation, founded in 2010, with help the poor through technology, care for the weak, support education hand in hand, care dedicatedly, support and promote the progress of corporate philanthropy and social commonweal as its principle, and technology innovation promotes philanthropy as its concept, develops green home energy system based on new energy business’s achievements, to meet electricity demands in remote areas without electricity and send lights there through technology innovation. BYD Charity Foundation endeavors to contribute more to social development, harmonious society and better future.

During daytime in Tibet, the sky looks like a blue sea, and the cloud drifts like smokes. On the endless grasslands, flocks of cows and sheep are grazing in the wilderness waving their tails. When night comes, herders living in scattered, separated and self-built small houses or even tents can only use butter lamps for lighting. Night is quiet, and people are more silent. Night without electricity is such a difficulty modern people cannot even imagine.

In the end of 2009, the silhouettes of BYD staff, traveling a long distance to survey, immerged in Tibet. In mid July 2010, to solve powerless difficulties for Tibetan people in the areas without electricity, BYD donated 1,000 sets of green home energy systems to Tibet electricity-lack families. BYD combines the solar advantage of Tibet with its own energy technology, and creates green home energy system to use solar energy and meet basic electricity demands, so that Tibetan people could use stable, green and clean new energy.

In Aug. 2010, BYD staff arrived at Tibet to help install home energy systems and train two local people to be installation technical workers.