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Bright journey to Tibet

Since its establishment, BYD sought every opportunity to contribute to education. BYD has donated to the Central Primary School of Longgang Town, Kuichong Central Primary School, Zuoquan Primary School, Shenzhen Middle School, Huizhou Xinghan Primary School, etc. and set up BYD Scholarship in Zhongnan University and BYD Education Fund in Shenzhen Middle School.

In November, 2009, BYD set up scholarship in Zhongnan University, with an amount of RMB620,000 per year and a total amount of RMB12,400,000 in 20 years. Since Sep. 2010, BYD Charity Foundation has set up BYD Education Fund in Shenzhen Middle School for three consecutive years with 2 million yuan each year, in order to encourage teachers in Shenzhen Middle School who have made outstanding contribution in educating, teaching, researching, managing, or serving, etc.

In 2010, BYD started the project of donating poor students in middle school and recruited volunteers in the whole company, who would set up one to one long-term relationship with poor students in middle school, concern about their spirits, provide good advice and guidance like a teacher, solve difficulties and problems in their lives like a friend, both as a teacher and a friend, and help set up correct outlook on life, world, and value in their critical grownup period.

From primary school to middle school, and then to universities; BYD always concerns about poverty-stricken students, cares for them selflessly, and helps them complete education successfully, reflecting BYD’s concern and recognition to education and talents as well as its generous mind.