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Children Welfare Institution

Each child is a flower in bud, a sun of tomorrow, or a life in full bloom. However, some children were abandoned since their birth and lack for love due to their disabilities. Golden childhood and colorful dreams seem too far away from them. Mother’s arms only stay in their memories, perhaps merely in imagination or even none. What they want is just a family and a place needn’t to be too large.

According to the analysis of statistics in 2006, there were about 14 babies or children monthly abandoned in Longgang District, Shenzhen. In 2006, Longgang Social Welfare Center newly adopted about 147 abandoned babies or children. So far, the number of abandoned babies or children adopted by Longgang Social Welfare Center was increased to 350, reaching the saturation point. The cost of each child will be 32,000 yuan per year. These abandoned children, 95% of whom are disabled, infected, or mental disabled, need long-term rearing, treatment and education from social welfare organizations.

In 2007, under the direction and leadership of President Wang Chuanfu, BYD decided to establish the BYD Children Welfare Institution, in which it spent RMB40 million as an initial payment, and organized a special team in charge of the project. The BYD Children Welfare Institution adheres to motto of “doing everything to take care of all aspects of the children’s lives” and the principle of “love others as you love yourself while serving the society”. In Oct. 2010, BYD Children Welfare Insititution laid its foundation. The establishment of the BYD Children Welfare Institution is an excellent example of BYD’s attitude and determination towards social welfare. It reflects BYD’s honorable corporate culture and spirit, and demonstrates President Wang’s noble personal quality and character.